Friday March 1st to Sunday March 3rd 2019

with Deirdre Kavanagh

Vedic temple 


Deirdre says...


"Do you occasionally feel anxious and stressed? Do you struggle with difficult emotions or have trouble sleeping?

If the answer is 'yes' then Mindfulness Meditation can help you. Mindfulness teaches us to pay attention to what is actually happening in the moment. Many of us live in a state of anxiety, stressing about or regretting what has happened in the past, or worrying about the future. As we learn to live in the moment, that fear and anxiety often gives way to something more relaxed and peaceful. From here, it's much easier to slow down, let go of stresses and enjoy life as it is.


At this Introduction to Mindfulness retreat I will show you simple but powerful techniques that will help you access healthy emotional states more frequently and easily. The content of the workshops will include periods of guided meditation practise, mindfulness of sound, mindful eating and stress reduction tools, as well as discussion and questions and answers periods."

Find out more about Deirdre by visiting her website:



Weekend Schedule



 6.00pm  Arrival




 Introduction to Mindfulness - 1st workshop

 Meditative Silence in house from 9.00pm 



 6.35am*  Optional - Spiritual adventure: cross over by ferry boat to island temple of Inis Rath for the morning music chant and talk / reading from an ancient Sanskrit text. The first part of the morning programme in the Krishna temple on the island goes from Island1254.30am every day, but we'd be going for the second part from 7.00am to 8.10am. This is a completely optional experience. If you prefer to do something else yourself during this time, or stay in bed, that is no problem at all.
Image: Inis Rath



 10.15am  Meditative Relaxation and Visualization with Tim


Mindfulness - 2nd workshop



 11.45am  Break

 12.00pm  Mindfulness - workshop, continued (45mins)





  Depart for 1-hour 30mins walk at the 2000 acre Crom Estate. See castle ruins, two gnarled ancient trees (over 1000 years old), walk through the lake-side estate and along a forest track on a wooded island. Either we can stay together as a group or you can set your own walking pace - there is a printed map of the walking tracks around the 2000 acre estate. People not wishing to do the full walk are very welcome to relax in the tea rooms or do your own shorter walk near the visitors centre 

crom walk group










 Return from walk


 Mindfulness - 3rd workshop

 7.30pm  Dinner



 (Option) Yoga





 Mindfulness - 4th workshop


 (Option) Ferry to Inis Rath Island to observe the chant music in temple. There's an optional talk on Vedic philosophy and wisdom (open to the public) at 1.00pm - or you could use this time to walk around the 22-acre wooded island.

    lake isle



 The Sunday Fest in Inis Rath House. There is no additional cost for any of these activities, however you are very welcome to contribute any donation into the donation box, if you like.


 Return to mainland, and departure.  

beautiful Lough Erne



  All prices include: 

  • Two nights accommodation 
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and complimentary herbal teas every day 
  • Mindfulness course
  • Optional trip/s to Inish Rath Island on ferry boat  


      Fees for this retreat:

  • €190 or £170 per person sharing 
  • €200 or £175 single room
  • €220 or £190 single ensuite room 
  • Entry fee to Crom estate is £4.50 / €5

  What to bring:

Walking boots for the nearby woodland walks can be useful. There are sections of the walks where mud and wet grass is common most of the year, unless there is a period without rain. And if you don't have any of the above, just a spare pair of runners / trainers that you don't mind getting a little wet and muddy.

House slippers for our retreat centre. We don't wear outdoor shoes inside.


 How to Book:

(1) Email us to let us know your requirements and to check availability.

(2) If you decide to book we ask for a deposit of €100 per person.

Email and Payment options here - Contact and booking




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