Mindful Eating Workshop
with Deirdre Kavanagh

Friday Oct 14th to Sunday 16th 2016

Mindful Eating

 Deirdre Kavanagh Dip Hol Diet, M.I.H.C.A, I.T.E.C, BA
Deirdre is a holistic nutrionist who leads courses and workshops in mindful eating and nutrition www.DeirdreKavanagh.com

This weekend workshop is for anyone who wants to learn about our personal relationship with eating and food. Deirdre says:

"Our food issues like weight problems, anorexia, etc aren't just about what we're eating, but why we're eating in the first place. If we're not eating to satisfy hunger then why are we eating? Are we eating in response to other triggers, perhaps the time of day, appetizing food, boredom, loneliness or stress? Is food meeting other needs for us? Is that why we can eat too much and still not feel satisfied? Could this be the reason why so many people are struggling with their weight? Could this be the reason why diets frequently just don't seem to work?"


On this retreat we explore a mindful approach to eating, where we learn to listen to our bodies and hearts, and respond to them in a nourishing way.

Who is it for?

  • Those wishing to explore their relationship to food
  • Anyone who wishes to develop healthier eating behaviour
  • Anyone wishing to expand and deepen their mindfulness practise

Some areas we will cover include:

  • Ways of identifying healthy and unhealthy hunger and fullness signals to guide your decision to begin and stop eating.
  • Developing body awareness skills so we can distinguish between emotional and physical hunger.
  • Becoming aware of food choices and habitual eating patterns.
  • Ways of developing kindness and compassion towards ourselves and our bodies




 3.30pm - 6.30pm  

Arrive anytime between 3.30pm and 6.30pm. Massages are available as an optional extra on this weekend and cost €39 for a 50-minute therapy. The massage therapist, Elizabeth, is professional, cheerful and very good at massage.Massage relaxation retreat

Massages available for this weekend: Indian head massage; reflexology; full-body massage; sports massage; Swedish body massage; hot stone massage; head, neck and shoulder massage. Additionally reiki energy healing is available on request. Sukhada is our local reiki master. Her therapy centre is 2 minutes walk away.


 6.30pm  Dinner


 Workshop 1 with Deirdre Kavanagh





 Optional - Spiritual adventure: cross over by ferry boat to island temple of Inis Rath for the morning music chant and talk / reading from an ancient Sanskrit text. The first part of the morning programme in the Krishna temple on the island goes from 4.30am every day, but we'd be going for the second part from 7.00am to 8.15am. This is a completely optional experience. If you prefer to do something else yourself during this time, or stay in bed, that is no problem at all.


 Yoga (suitable for beginners) with Tim. A short class of stretches and breathing exercises before breakfast. Atma Power Yoga Set 1. The yoga class is optional.






 Cookery class with Carmen. Carmen will give a one hour cookery demo on the cuisine of India.

image: a variety of spices used in cookery from India. Each has particular holistic, health, medicinal and culinary qualities.

 Spices Ayurveda


  Workshop 2 with Deirdre





 Departure for a 1 hour 15 mins forest walk at Killeshandra forest park




 Return from walk, and freshen up.


 7.00pm  Workshop 3 with Deirdre

 8.15pm  Dinner




 Yoga (optional)






 Workshop 4 with Deirdre 


 OPTION 1: Relax as you like, book a therapy, etc. before you depart.

 OPTION 2: Go on ferry boat over to Inis Rath Island to visit the lake isle and the temple.


 Depart for visit to Inis Rath Island



 Observation of sacred chant music experience in Temple (this is an event attended by day-visitors every Sunday)



 (optional) Talk on the Vedic philosophy of ancient India

or chill-out, go for a walk on the wooded island, relax.



 The Sunday Feast, followed by departure at 3.15pm, or you may book a massage for this time before you depart. You are also welcome to stay on the island until 4.30pm if you wish for the next return ferry. The island is a beautiful place to relax in a safe, natural environment. If you are the kind of person who would like to spend some time by yourself wandering in the mature woodlands of a holy island, then the opportunity is available here.

Sunday Feast_8


beautiful Lough Erne



  All prices include: 

  • Accommodation for duration of retreat 
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and complimentary herbal teas every day 
  • All classes and workshops   

      Fees for this retreat: 

  • €190 or £155 per person sharing 
  • €210 or £170 single room
  • €229 or £185 single ensuite room   
  • Optional: Additional massage (of any kind) or reiki therapies: £30 or €39 for 50 minutes. All therapists are qualified and enthusiastic in what they do :-)



 How to Book:

(1) Email us to let us know your requirements and to check availability.

(2) If you decide to book we ask for a deposit of €100 per person.

Email and Payment options here - Contact and booking


Below: Deirdre in the Sunday Independent newspaper
February 3rd 2013.

Mindful Eating Article


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