Kirtan, Yoga Chants and Meditation Music

kirtan madhava

Kirtan is the spiritual music which originated in India's devotional traditions. Typically, meditative chants in the form of mantras or hymns are combined with the playing of rhythmic and melodic musical intruments. This marriage of mantra-yoga and music creates kirtan.

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Kirtan Experiences with
Lake Isle Retreats
 in Ireland

Kirtana-yoga and bhajans (sacred music) are performed daily on Inis Rath Island from 4.30am. On retreats guests are more than welcome to attend any part of the spiritual morning programme and experience kirtan. On Sundays extra day-visitors arrive on the island, and there is a kirtan event between 12.30 and 1.00pm in the afternoon. This is an experience of chant music during the ancient arati ceremony.

Also, in our Retreats section watch out for specific kirtan music events, workshops and nama-yajnas.



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