Hare Krishna Music, Chanting and Dancing in Ireland 
These videos give you an idea of what happens at a kirtan festival event at the ISKCON Hare Krishna temple on Inis Rath Island, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness is a spiritual organisation whose members follow the ancient Vedic texts of India. In cultural terms, ISKCON is related to the world faith known as Hinduism, and the Yoga system called Bhakti. To investigate the Philosophy, see here (external site). 
Note: You won't see scenes like below on retreats! The videos give you a flavour of the mood of these alternative local events. 
You can see more related videos to do with Hare Krishna kirtan in Ireland by searching janaki1008 in YouTube
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Mandala HouseSunrise_Lough_Ernefallow_deerisland of Inis Rath