Indian Vegetarian Cookery Classes in Ireland

 Our cookery courses are designed to give you the best of Indian and vegetarian cuisine in one enjoyable weekend break. You listen, learn, cook, talk about, and finally eat tasty Indian vegetarian food over the course of a couple of days. The whole experience also ends up being a pleasant mini-holiday on a tranquil wooded island.

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I went to Inisrath for a few days. I did the cookery course - which I found very inspiring! In fact it inspired me so much that I am cooking very nicely every day now - whereas I hardly cooked before (or had a ready-made meal)...
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Indian Vegetarian Cookery

by Tim McEvitt


When people in Europe where still scrounging around for a bit of meat, and were doing well if they got some bread or found a blackberry bush, the prosperous ancient Indians where enjoying all kinds of nutritious, aromatic delicacies. By the 15th Century the Europeans had gotten sufficiently fed up with their lack of culinary ability, so the Spice Trade took off. You can read all about it here (opens new window). In fact, this search for better food has had more of an impact in the history of Europe and the world then we often might consider: "the spice trade between India and Europe is often cited as the main catalyst for Europe's Age of Discovery" (ref.4).

 Vegetarianism in India

Hundreds of millions of people in India are vegetarians - they also have the highest percentage of their population choosing vegetarianism as compared with any other country, by a long way (ref). According to the Vedic tradition, people who did not have a vegetarian diet were in the minority in the past.



Wisdom about healthy food combinations, and the beneficial uses of herbs and spices goes back to the ancient Ayurvedic texts. In English we have the phrase 'You are what you eat' referring to the notion that "to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food". It's fairly simple: if the average person eats chemically contaminated or dead food, eats too much, at the wrong time, etc he or she is more likely to harm his or her health. But if you eat the right food for you, lovingly prepared, in the correct proportions, then you're on the path of good health. Wisdom from the great Ayurveda is still available to the modern cook of Indian food.


Learn more about Ayurveda, healthy cooking and herbs & spices from this article by Caroline Robertson, Professional Ayurvedic consultant Read More



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