Holistic Therapies

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Therapies Available

  • Aromatherapy full-body massage  all massage therapists 
  • Relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage 
  • Indian head massage  Paula, Sukhada, Lucy, Elizabeth 
  • Reflexology - Massage therapy of the feet all massage therapists 
  • Reiki energy healing Sukhada, Annette, Paula, Elizabeth 
  • Sound healing Sukhada   
  • Aroma touch Paula, Sukhada
  • Swedish body massage Lucy, Elizabeth, Lisa 
  • Sports massage Elizabeth, Sukhada 

All therapies are available at the competitive rate of €35 or £30 for 50 minute sessions. (Our therapists are fully-qualified individuals who not only are good at massaging and healing people - they also love to do it! You are free to ask the therapist for a variety of therapies in the same session, for example: try an Indian head massage for half of the session and a foot massage for the second half.

Sukhada Smith-Repass Reiki and Sound Healing

Reiki is a Japanese Technique for relaxation and stress reduction. Beneficial for all ailments. Sukhada has been giving reiki therapies since 1999, and she offers restorative reiki-yoga workshops. See reiki.org for more infomation on reiki. Sound Healing is the use of tuning forks on the body to restore harmony and balance. It works on similar principles to Reiki, and helps to restore harmony and balance & reduce stress. Each energy centre within the body has its own note, so when one receives sound healing, it's an aid to restore the body's natural vibration. Sukhada has completed 100 hours of sound healing training.

Sukhada is also qualified to do Rahanni. This is a gentle therapy that balances the masculine and feminine energies, working deeply at a heart level. It helps to heal emotions and is administered by a light hands touch with the client fully clothed on a massage couch.


An ancient form of healing massage for the back, shoulders, scalp and
face. To begin the client lies face down to receive a back, shoulders,
neck and scalp massage, then the client sits up for the treatment to be
completed with a chest, neck, face and top of scalp massage. This
massage improves circulation, reduces stress, helps relieve eye strain,
encourages muscle relaxation and promotes hair growth. It is a
beneficial form of stress management, revitalising and balancing the
body’s energy system.


A gentle therapeutic pressure point massage, working on the reflex
zones of the feet, which correspond to different parts of the body.
Stimulating these reflex points can help with many health problems
and boost the body’s healing ability. Restores natural balance and
promotes a sense of wellbeing. Wonderfully relaxing.

HOT STONE THERAPY MASSAGE (unavailable in 2017 and 2018)

Warmed volcanic stones, rich in minerals, are gently placed on the
body’s vital energy centres, to create a healing and relaxing
experience. Muscles are relaxed as the stones are used to massage and
melt away life’s tension, drawing you into a deep state of relaxation.
Complete bliss! (note: this costs €59, or in the popular Relax and Restore retreats there is a €20 or £15 supplement, plus we ask for advance notice of at least 48 hours if you'd like to experience this therapy)


Sports Injury Massage Therapy consists of a combination of soft
tissue manipulation techniques, which can be used to help improve
performance and optimise recovery following training or competition. Remedial massage uses deep massage and mobilisation techniques effectively to achieve specific goals. These methods are used as a combined therapy in order to achieve a variety of results, which are beneficial to anyone, not just the sports performer. As part of your initial appointment you will be asked about your weekly routine, any current aches and pains and what you wish to gain from this massage therapy. A postural and biomechanical assessment will then be carried out to pick up on any currently contributing or potentially predisposing factors, before treatment begins. From this information a personal treatment plan will be developed using a variety of the following techniques in order to meet your goals.


A traditional massage with regulated pressure, excellent for releasing
knots and easing away tensions in the body. A combination of
massage techniques are used to effectively ease aches and pains,
improve circulation and increase muscle tone.


This is a light massage of the back and feet.

Aroma touch is where essential oils are applied along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. Aroma touch helps general well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors & supporting healthy automatic function. Aroma touch is a light massage using specific essential oils. A session is deeply relaxing.





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