Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who comes on your retreats?

Ans. Anybody, but the typical guests are aged 20's to 60's. Most people come on their own, although also many couples, friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, parents and their sons or daughters.


Q. I'm looking at the schedule of one of your retreats and there is a lot there. What if I want to skip part of the schedule to do my own thing for a while?

Ans. That's fine.

I'm a Catholic. Is your retreat suitable for me?

Ans. Practically all guests that come on our retreats are from Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, or other European or North American countries, or India or Australia. So they come from the variety of cultural and faith backgrounds commonly found in these regions. Our retreats are open for anybody and everybody. Yes, when we talk about philosophy, we refer to the Vedic texts of ancient India, but the essential point is that spirituality is universal - not a restricted practise, but an open commodity.


Q. Can I smoke or drink alcohol?

Ans. Smoking outside the retreat centre is allowed. Re. alcohol, if someone has a drinking problem, then we'd ask you not to bring alcohol. Otherwise, two or three friends having a glass of wine is not a problem.


Q. Where will I leave my car?

Ans. Beside the new retreat facility.

Q. Can we bring children?

Ans. No. We apologise, but our retreats are group activities for adults. All guests must be 16 years or older, and teenagers should have a personal interest in the activities of the weekend. We accept children on retreats when it is group booking of family and friends all coming together.






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