Cooking with Carmen
Cookery weekend workshop

Friday Dec 7th to Sunday Dec 9th 2018

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Cooking with Carmen cookery workshop with Carmen Padilla gives you a sample of Indian, Chinese and Latin American cuisine. See 'Lake Isle Retreats' on Facebook here for images of her tasty cuisine.

Carmen, 43, learned to cook first from her mother in Panama from age 7. Later, from age 18, she learned how to cook delicacies and tasty dishes from India with the head monk at the Krishna temple, Hari Chakra Das. Scroll down the page to see photos of food cooked by Carmen.

Carmen (pictured below) cooks for all our retreats here at Mandala House. Carmen has a relaxed, laid-back and cheerful way of sharing her cookery tips.





 Arrival any time from 3.00pm. You're welcome to book a massage therapy - see info below.

 Cookery Class


 7.30pm  Dinner




 Meditation and Visualization with Tim






 Cookery classes and demos (with breaks)


 1.00pm  Lunch


 (Option) Depart for 1 hour 30mins walk to the local Florencecourt Estate. This Estate is beautifully maintained by the National Trust charity. There is an entrance charge of £5.00


 Massage and therapies option


 6.30pm  Dinner

 7.30pm  (Optional) Therapies available: Full-body Massage, Indian head massage, Reflexology, Reiki, etc.£30 or €39 for 50mins. £20 / €27 for 30mins.


Evening relaxation options include having a chat, taking a relaxing massage or reiki therapy, reading, etc. The local kids often put on a music and dance performance also.

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(optional) Yoga

 9.45am  Breakfast


 Cookery class 



Option 1: Visit Inis Rath Island to see temple. There is music chant in temple room from 12.30pm every Sunday, plus there is a nice walk around island. The Sunday feast is at 2.15pm and you may stay for lunch. The return ferry is at 3.15pm.

Option 2: Book a reflexology or reiki energy healing session @€35 / £30 for 50mins (this is the only option where an extra charge is involved)

Optional Extras with Additional Charge

  1. Therapies available 
  • Therapies below are £30 or €35 for 50mins
  • Aromatherapy full-body massage 
  • Indian head massage 
  • Swedish body massage 
  • Reiki energy healing 
  • Reflexology (healing and massage of the feet)    
  • Sound healing 


Reflexology, Indian head massage, reiki, sound healing or Theta healing available with local therapist Sukhada: €35 or £30 for a 50-minute therapy.



  All prices include: 

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and complimentary herbal teas every day 
  • All classes and workshops
  • Two nights accommodation

      Fees for this retreat 

  • £170 (Sterling) or €190 sharing 
  • £195 (Sterling) or €220 (Euro) - Single room.



 How to Book:

(1) Email us to let us know your requirements and to check availability.

(2) If you decide to book we ask for a deposit of €100 per person.

Email and Payment options here - Contact and booking




veg burger rice dahl

shepherds pie

spring rolls and chutney



green salad and aubergine



wholemeal cheesecake


panir and veg subji

Tasty food images cooked and snapped by Carmen! 


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